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Freshest Organic Veggies!!

We start by sourcing the best possible, organic vegetables we can find to ensure highly nutritious purées!

Healthy pups 🥕

Handmade With Love ❤️

We started cooking purées for our own health and digestive issues, but we got inspired when we shared a little on top of our dog's food!

All Pups ❤️ 'em

Professionally Dehydrated

All of our delicious treats & Puppy Seasonings ™️ are dehydrated to preserve nutritional integrity and to help them last without preservatives. 😋

Keep it Dehydrated!

Enjoy and Digest

Human-grade, handmade, organic, vegan, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors! Your pup will love this tasty way of receiving a huge boost of fiber, beta-carotene, and other healthy minerals into their daily diet!

Warning: Delicious!

“Let food be thy (dog's) medicine and medicine be thy (dog's) food”

– Hippocrates.

Pure Purée Puppy™️

Fresh Products!

We are handling the growing pains as quickly and efficiently as possible! We appreciate your patience! In the meantime, if you would like to support our healthy mission, please feel free to purchase our treats & toppers or an awesome StateFortyEight and Pure Purée custom-designed shirt! ☝️✌️


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Pure Purée Puppy with State Forty Eight

"We support local and small businesses of all types! If you are looking for a collaboration, hit us up through email!"


What Our Customer Are Saying?

So grateful Bobby and Edan have started such a wonderful way of helping the community by whipping up these cool new dog treats using yummy, healthy, vegetable purées for our fur babies!

~Laura V. Local Smoothie Bar

We loved trying your puppy puréed treats and toppers for dogs! We will for sure be customers for a long time. Ralph the Doggo really vibed with your energy and what you're offering the dog-loving community!

~Steve & Cathy Small Business Owners

"My dog's really enjoy them. Buster’s anxiety seems to be down somewhat with his feedings when I add the Puppy Seasoning™️. He doesn’t pace when he eats, he just eats like a normal dog. Quite impressive."

~Paula Mom to four pups is proud to be a registered Veteran owned and operated business. Thanks to all that have served before us, as well as all that will serve in the future. And a big special thank you goes out to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. 🙏

Why Choose Pure Purée Puppy?

Veteran-Owned & Operated

Pure Purée Puppy is proud to be a registered Veteran-owned and operated business. Thanks to all that have served before us, as well as all that will serve in the future. And a special thank you goes out to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 🙏